• All costs for transport from our home to the hotel in Kenya are payed entirely by Asta and Göran.

  • All hotel expenses including food and drink are payed entirely by Asta and Göran.

  • All personal expenses during our stay in Kenya are payed entirely by Asta and Göran.

  • Depending on flight regulations can packages to people in Kenya or goods from Kenya to Sweden be brought just in extraordinarily small proportions.

  • We will just sponsor pupils belonging to poor families there neither parent has got a permanent job.
  • It happens often that we get requests from our sponsors that they want to accompany us and follow our work in Kenya. Unfortunately is it impossible for us to offer some form of guiding. The reasons to this are among other things the following:
  1. Our work in Kenya is very hard when we are going to the schools at about nine o´clock in the morning and are back at the hotel at about four o´clock in the afternoon. Sometimes it happens that we are going to see families after the afternoon tea. If we get some spare time we need to use it to talk about the work of the day and plan for the next day.

  2. As our time in Kenya is very limited it is not possible for us to be together with people we can be together with in Sweden. As a matter of fact we have got many sponsors at breakfasts and dinners.

  3. When we are visiting the different schools we mostly use minibuses which often are filled up with people but it is perhaps possible to pick up two people more. Sometimes we are using a so called tuk-tuk that just can bring two passengers.

  4. Then we always try to act in a manner that is the best to our pupils it sometimes happens that our negotiations with the school managements are rather hard. Then we don´t want the presence of other people.

  5. If some of our sponsors should happen to visit the same region as we of course we will arrange a visit to the school at which the sponsor has his own pupil.

  6. As the level of criminality in Kenya is very high and the risk to get different types of diseases is high we can´t assume responsibility for some travelling companions.

  7. As we have to spend about thirteen thousand USD yearly to get our mission to work we reserve the right to make this conditions.


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