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Due to the fact that our bank has informed us that it is no longer possible for private individuals to send money to Kenya in Africa, we unfortunately have to end our relief activities there.

The reason for this is that there is a risk that the money will go to support terrorist groups or to money laundering.

As a result, it is impossible for us to continue our activities to help children receive education in schools from 2020-07-01.

We would like to thank everyone who in various ways has made it possible for us to pursue this work over the past twenty years.

Asta och Göran Johansson

Who we are

Asta and Göran Johansson from Oskarshamn.

How it started

Our interest in Kenya started in 1999 then we after a safari in Tanzania went to this country and realized how much poverty and distress it was there. At the same time we got in a very good touch with a fruiter on the beach. In 2001 we decided to go back to Kenya again to meet the fruiter again.
One of the events that made us to start our charity in Kenya, was the meeting of an orphan, 12 years old girl. The meeting with  the girl took place on the beach below our hotel when we were waiting for the fruiter to go with him to his hut to see his family. The girl told us that she had got malaria which was visible to us. She lived together with her little brother with their grandmother.
Göran felt so bad of realizing how difficult her life was that he told Asta that he wanted to go home as soon as possible. Fortunately is Asta a clever wife so she told Göran: "We will do exactly the opposite of that. We will try to help children as much as we can here in Kenya."
In that way it is. Today we are helping 200 children in different ways in Kenya. We have realized that education is very important in Kenya. Therefore we concentrate on that in our relief projects. We are even helping about one hunded children in two orphanages...

Want to help

Every help counts, dare to help others, it's never too late to begin!

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Last updated: 2020-12-12

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