We are continously discussing how the collected funds should be used to make the biggest benefit in Kenya. Many times when we are there in Kenya it comes up such a sudden need that we must decide immediately. The need for help is what everyone understands infinite, so we have to spend the raised money where they are needed most. The hardest thing to do is that one can not satisfy all the needs. We have some general principles that we try to follow:
  • We help only children where neither parent has a permanent job.
  • To enable as many families as possible get help, we support one child in each family.
  • We are very tolerant in terms of pupils' achievements, but if it turns out that a pupil has no interest in school, but mostly see it as a place to be there during the day, we discontinue support. This is thankfully very rare.
  • Luckily, we receive assistance from the respective school leaders in selecting which children should be admitted to school. But we keep an eye on the children from the poorest families.
  • The grants consist of cash but also some smaller gifts that we can take with us to Kenya. The grants are based on people's trust in us. Both flights, hotel accommodation and personal expenses are financed in full extent by ourselves. There are no intermediaries in our project.

Would you like to help children in Kenya with their education - you can help us collect money in different ways:

Purchase objects from Kenya:

(contact us for more details)

Make a donation:

Asta and Göran Johansson

Bankgiro nummer 398-7997

(in Sweden)

 (for international money transfer contact us for more details)

The following parishes have supported us in our project:

The following local clubs of Lions International have supported us in our project:

In 2009, Oskarshamn-Döderhult Rotary Club for the first time founded a scholarship that was directed specifically to young people. The price of 19 500 SEK went that year to our project in Kenya.

We have many times got valuable gifts from the Ladies Lodge Grimhild from Oskarshamn.



Last updated: 2014-03-22

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