"Our scouting to Tanga

When we were on our journey inside of the bus we ate alot of things such as snacks, cakes and soft drinks. After finishing eating we slept and we put off our shoes. In the morning at about 6.30 we were already in the forest near the Indian Ocean.

We took our things and we put them in our tent. Not only the journey was fine but we had killed a wild animal, which was hyena on the road. It was a wonderful place it was no attraction of wild animals. It was not a compitition but it was a leisure camp. food, campfee and accomodation it was there and everything. When we need something from outside we tell our patrol-leader. We were not allowed to leave the compound. We had our friends there who came from our country and the same location which is Mtwapa.We use to love them after roll they became enemies. Because we as scout of Mikanjuni we became the first position.